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Kara Nursery is owned and operated by Lynn-Marie Kara and Luther Sturtevant and we have been growing cacti and other succulents for over 40 years.

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Lynn-Marie, who attended the University of Oregon, is an artist working in a variety of mediums, including the protrayal of Haworthia kingiana shown here (temporarily off line). Her works have ranged from small scale portrayals of Oregon native wildflowers to a series of portrayals of the children of Auschwitz. Her works have been exhibited at the University of Oregon, Willamette University and at several Yom Hashoah events. She also illustrated The Art of the Scythians: The Interpenetration of Cultures at the Edge of the Hellenic World by Esther Jacobson and published by E.J. Brill, and co-illustrated The Deer Goddess of Ancient Siberia, also by Esther Jacobson.

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Luther is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College (Philosophy) and Drew University (Theology) and is a retired United Methodist Pastor. He has been deeply committed to issues concerning children and youth, volunteering on the County Commission on Children and Youth and through membership in Stand for Children. He has helped out in the nursery in the past, while Lynn-Marie has done most of the potting, propogating and watering. He's now working on developing this web site and helping out more in the nursery.

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We live with our miniature horse, Ladybug, our Belgian Tervuren dogs, Osita and Kiani, and our cat, Purr-Purr, in an area of Portland called University Park, not far from the University of Portland. We also have a Paso Fino Horse, Quantera, boarding in Vancouver, Washington. And now we have a new puppy, Latte, also a Belgian Tervuren.

Our addiction to succulent plants began with a seed packet over 40 years ago and just kept growing and growing!

We are a small nursery and, to put it simply, just try harder. Each plant gets our personal care and we're small enough that no plant gets lost in the jungle (or desert!). And we stand behind what we sell.

We know it's a cliché, but this website is always under development; everything, including the website, is done by us...so, please, be patient. Please notify us of any problems. Thanks! And enjoy your plants.
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Ladybug, Osita, Kiani, and Purr-Purr, and our young
apprentice gardener, Latte, along with our many satisfied customers over the years, will vouch for us. Give us a try. We think you'll be pleased.
Lynn-Marie & Luther
Kara Nursery Logo
Also doing business as Oregon Cactus and Succulent Nursery (www.OregonCactus.com) and Haworthia Specialities (www.HaworthiaSpecialties.com).
We're sorry, but the nursery is not open for walk in customers. Due to insurance and zoning regulations we are mail order only.
Kara Nursery - 7009 N. Fiske Ave. - Portland, OR 97203
We are proud members of the Oregon Cactus & Succulent Society

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