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We have updated this list in January of 2015. Check out the home page for more information. The Plant name may provide a link to a photo.For many people, "cactus" is the generic term for all succulents. Though that's not true, they do take center stage in the eyes of many. It's composed of a huge family of plants, almost entirely from the Western Hemisphere. We carry only a limited supply of cacti.
Genus & Species Description Pot
Austrocylindropuntia subulata monstrose This is a "proliferate" subulata 3"
Austrocylindropuntia verschaffeltii Syn. Tephrocactus inarmatus    Nice larger clumps.   $8.50
Cereus species cristata variegata A lovely crested variegate, grafted. 4" $6.50
Copiapoa esmeraldana   4" 9.50
Copiapoa krainzianum Very nice grey/white spines on grey-green globes. 4" $12.50
Copiapoa lauii Wonderful, miniature plants    
Copiapoa melletiana One large plant available 4"  
Echinocereus nivosus Glassy-white-spined clumping beauties. Only one plant left. 5"  
Echinocereus scheeri var. gentryi Don't over water; not frost hardy. Get a violet-red coloring in the sun. Clumping plants.
Echinocereus viridiflorus Very hardy. These are from colorful-spined plants which grow in Northern Colorado. Small growing. (slight scarring)
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