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These pages have recently been updated. Check out the home page for more information. The plant name on the left (if underlined) provides a link to a photo. The ø symbol indicates approximate diameter and the ~ symbol indicates "aproximately". Otherwise the size refers to the size of the pot. (This page was updated January 2015.)
Genus & Species Description
Echinopsis 'Barber Pole' A classic, old-timer. (only 2 available) 5"  
Espostoa lanata The "Peruvian Old Man". These are beautifully hairy, sturdy, 8"+ tall plants. 4"


Gymnocalycium spegazzinii A truly outstanding Gymnocalycium. (Only 1 available) 5" $8.50
Leuchtenbergia principis This classic, monotypic genus - the "Agave Cactus" - is a bit of a challenge for many; too little water and the tips brown...too much and the plant rots! (How's that for a sales pitch!) That said, it's worth the challenge. 4" 7.50
Lobivia 'Pink and White' (syn. Echinopsis 'Pink and White') We obtained our originals at a now closed nursery in Bakersfield over 30 years ago. Very dependable bloomers with lovely, two-toned pink to red flowers. An old time favorite Johnson hybrid. Clumps. (slightly scarred)
Lophocereus schottii monstrose [+]
"Totem Pole Cactus"
The lumpy-bumpy oddity from Baja. A must for every collection.
10-12 " tall
16" tall


Mammillaria gracilis ssp. fragilis The classic, easy to grow plant.    
Mammillaria gracilis 'Snow Cap' An outstanding cultivar, a real upgrate of the species!   $8.00
Mammillaria hahniana 'Super Hairy' A wonderful, hairy form of the species, this is a must for every collection.
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