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The plant name on the left (if underlined) provides a link to a photo. The ø symbol indicates approximate diameter and the ~ symbol indicates "aproximately". Otherwise the size refers to the size of the pot. (This page has been updated in January, 2015.)
Genus & Species Description
Notocactus leninghausii (syn. Parodia leninghausii)
Opuntia longispina var. brevispina ISI 2001-4 (HGB66371) A small padded plant from Argentina. Very fine, long, gold-ish (hows that for precision?) spines. We sell unrooted pads for $2.00 each. (Easy to root.)   $2.00
Opuntia subulata monstrose (syn. Austrocylindropuntia subulata monstrose)
Opuntia vestita Nice and furry rooted cuttings.
4" tall
Opuntia vestita crest Beautiful crests on their own roots.
Rebutia albiflora Wonderful, small-growing, clumping plants with prolific white flowers.
Rebutia krainziana
(syn. R. marsoneri 'krainziana') This is the plant on our logo. Flowers consistently and prolifically. Temporarily out of stock.
Rebutia mentosa 'Swabodae'   3" $4.50
Rebutia 'Sunrise' Rebutia heliosa x R. albiflora. 4" $7.50
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