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Image of Image of  Tephrocactus articulatus
Tephrocactus articulatus (Pfeiffer) Backeberg
We have both the "Pine Cone" (Opuntia diademata) and the "Paper Spined" (Syn: Opuntia turpinii and Opunti papyracantha). They've all been combined together in articulatus. So, when ordering please specify which one you want! Common names are fine since some of the variation is horticultural in origin anyway - plus the names are kind of a mess! Synonyms: Opuntia glomerata, Opuntia turpinii, Tephrocactus turpinii, Tephrocactus strobiliformis, Tephrocactus glomeratus, Opuntia andicola, Tephrocactus andicolus, Cereus articulatus, Opuntia articulata, Opuntia strobiliformis

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