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A selection of very special Haworthias, many from the collection of David Martin in Colorado. Unless otherwise indicated, all are seed grown and most have seed collection data. The plant name on the left (if underlined) provides a link to a photo (but the photo is not necessarily the specific plant being sold). The ø symbol indicates approximate diameter and the ~ symbol indicates "aproximately". Otherwise the size refers to the size of the pot. (This page was updated February 2015. However, due to limited availability, it's advisable to ask before ordering.) Haworthias are separated into 3 subgenera, and this division is about as important as the species designation. Most fall into the subgenus "Haworthia"; those which are of either of the other subgenera are so indicated.
Genus & Species Source Description Pot
Haworthia aristata DEM 1414 Seeds obtained from Paul Foster and germinated in April of 2006.   $16.50
Haworthia aristata DEM 1415 ex. MBB6917 Seeds obtained from Paul Foster and germinated in April of 2006.   $16.50
Haworthia aristata DEM 1416 ex. MBB6942 Seeds obtained from Paul Foster and germinated in April of 2006.   $16.50
Haworthia aristata affinity DEM1417 ex. MBB7006 Seeds obtained from Paul Foster and germinated in April of 2006. 3" $12.50
Haworthia bayeri DEM1419 ex. EA937 Maroon beauties. 2"ø or larger $30.00
Haworthia bolusii DEM 1317 ex GM555
From Lootskloof S/E Jansenville. Syn. H. odetteae. Seeded 12/04/05
Limited »
Larger »
Haworthia cooperi var. gordoniana FSA192 Very limited availability 1.5-2" ø $12.50
Haworthia cooperi var. pilifera MBB6565 DEM1422, 3" or more diameter. Syn.: H. pilifera. This is one of the larger species from the cooperi complex , growing up to 120 mm in diameter. Bluish-green in color, the leaf ends are slightly translucent with veins usually reddening. They develope purplish hues in exposed situations. Highly desirable and easy to grow.
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Haworthia cooperi var. venusta GM292
Wonderfully fuzzy, with a silvery cast to them in the sunlight. Seed grown beauties.
~1-1/4" ø $14.50
Haworthia cymbiformus var. obtusa ex JDV96/63 Thought to be solitary, but some of these have begun clumping. Still very rare and mostly unkown in the trade. (DEM 1321) [Reference: Bayer. Haworthia Revisited. 1999. pg. 60] If you are a collector, you don't want to miss out on this one. Kagasmond. 3"
Haworthia bolusii var. pringlei
(synonyms: H. decipiens var. pringlei)
ex. MBB6583 A "whirlpool" of light green leaves adorned with silvery, flexable spines. 2" Ø plants.   $14.50
Haworthia pygmaea var. accuminata DEM953
Striking plants with sharp pointed leaves of light green, set off with lighter green lines and slightly flecked windows. 3" ø $18.50
Haworthia pygmaea var. accuminata
(synonyms: H. magnifica var. acuminata, H. retusa var. acuminata.)
DEM133 ex. GM447 Dark green borders on light-green, lined leaves, the windows slightly flecked. Seed from Gouritzmond, the type locality. New. ~3" ø $12.50
Haworthia mirabilis var. splendens (synonyms: H. magnifica var. splendens, H. splendens.) DEM1329 ex. MBB6751 Seed from west of Albertina, sown December 4, 2005. (These are very slow growing and we have a very limited supply.) 1.5" ø $98.50
Haworthia pulchella var. globifera DEM1154 ex. PVB7338 Seed from Towsberg, Ladismith. Small-growing, lime-green, "porcupine plants". Will be ready for sale later this Spring or early Summer 1/2 - 3/4" ø  
Haworthia pumila DEM1069
Mower Station
Seed field collected by David Martin. 4" pot size. Very limited quantities $22.00
Haworthia pygmaea var. pygmaea ‘crystallina' JDV 84/15
Great Brak
Very compact, darker olive-green bodies with crystaline, bumpy leaves. Seeded in 2003.   $9.50
Haworthia pygmaea var. pygmaea es. ISI 89-56 (Zebra Barrydale District) Light breen bodies with typical bumpy surfaces. Seeded in 2003.
Haworthia pygmaea var. pygmaea   The original plants were purchased as H. asperula from Nichols Nursery in 1985. These plants have less rounded leaves and more of a "star" shape. Green coloring that has a slightly silvery haze to the tops of the green, bumpy leaves.
Very pretty! Limited supply.
2-2.5" ø
Haworthia retusa DEM 1156 ex EA1208
Pinaariver turnoff
Bright lime-green with lighter markings. A gorgeous type of haworthia, we sold out of these early. However, we had some more growing on and are offering them now. Extremely limited. 2" - 3" ø $22.50
Haworthia tesselata
(synonym: H. venosa subsp. tesselata)
DEM1197 ex. GM 524 Spikey little olive-green gems. The top face of the leaves are light green with tiny windows. The outer rim of each leaf is lined with dark green and there is a pebbley undersurface to the leaves. 1 - 1.5" ø $16.50
Haworthia truncata 'Crassa' DEM1213 Seed-grown from plants selected for their size. Limted availability in all sizes 3"
Haworthia truncata var. maughani DEM1010
Calzdorp area
Seeded in 2008. 6-8 leaves per plant (Extremely limited)   $65.00
Haworthia truncata var. maughani DEM1194 ex. GM287 8-9 leaves per plant. Extremely limited.   $65.00
Haworthia truncata var. truncata DEM1195 ex. GM313
Mature, seed-grown plants, seed gathered near Dysselsdorp, Western Cape Province, Republic of South Africa. Outstanding, with great markings. Limited availability. 4"
Haworthia mucronata var. mucronata JDV 97-57
Klein Karoo near Montagu
Atractive green gems singles in
2" pots
3" pots

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