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Though we would like to be able to ship to all countries, for some countries it is very difficult.虽然我们希望能够船到所有国家,对一些国家来说是非常困难的。 We have found Australia and Brazil to be difficult to impossible and will make a decision based on the practices of individual countries.我们发现,澳大利亚和巴西是不可能的,很难将一个基于个别国家的做法的决定。 In all cases where the destination country requires a Phytosanitary Certificate, we will require it ($31.00) and we will prepare the plants in a manner which will generally be accepted by customs offices.在所有情况下,目的地国需要植物检疫证书,我们会要求它($ 31.00),我们将准备一份一般会被海关接受的方式的植物。 In many cases, this means removing most of the feeder roots.在许多情况下,这意味着消除基层的接驳。 Be aware, however, that we cannot be responsible for the condition of the plants while in transit within the destination country.要知道,但是,我们不能在运输过程中在目的地国家的状况负责的植物。

In addition, we do not ship plants which are listed with CITES.此外,我们船舶濒危植物中有关上市。 This includes all the cactus species and a few other plants.这包括所有的仙人掌品种和其他一些植物。

In other words, we will abide by the laws and regulations of both countries and will send healthy plants that should be able to pass customs inspections.换句话说,我们将遵守法律和两个国家的法规,并将派健康植物应该怎样度过海关检查。

To order, please email us with your selection and we can send a PayPal invoice foe everything (except the shipping costs) by return (secure) email. 要订购,请发电子邮件与您的选择我们,我们可以发送发票敌人的一切(除航运费用)返回一个贝宝(安全)的电子邮件。 After the plants are pulled, packed and ready to ship, we send a separate PayPal Invoice for the shipping costs and we usually ship by USPS Express Mail International. 植物后拉,包装,准备出货,我们派了一个单独的贝宝运费发票和我们通常由美国邮政特快专递船国际。 All international orders must be paid through PayPal. 所有国际订单必须通过贝宝支付。 We have a minimum order requirement of $350.00 in plants on international orders. 我们有一个订单250.00美元,最低订货要求,在国际植物。

For international orders we also require that plant availability be verified by email prior to actually ordering. 对于国际订单,我们还要求植物可利用电子邮件进行核查之前,由实际订货。

You may also email us ( nursery@karacactus.com ) or phone us (503.913.7123) if you have any questions or feedback. 您也可以给我们发电子邮件( nursery@karacactus.com )或电话与我们(503.913.7123)如果您有任何问题或意见。


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