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We are an Internet Nursery and we seek to be of service to succulent plant hobbyists wherever they happen to reside.

Though we would like to be able to ship to all countries, for some countries it is very difficult. We have found Australia and Brazil to be difficult to impossible and will make a decision based on the practices of individual countries. In all cases where the destination country requires a Phytosanitary Certificate, we will require it ($31.00) and we will prepare the plants in a manner which will generally be accepted by customs offices. In many cases, this means removing most of the feeder roots. Be aware, however, that we cannot be responsible for the condition of the plants while in transit within the destination country.

In addition, we do not ship plants which are listed with CITES. This includes all the cactus species and a few other plants.

In other words, we will abide by the laws and regulations of both countries and will send healthy plants that should be able to pass customs inspections.

To order, please email us with your selection and we can send a PayPal invoice foe everything (except the shipping costs) by return (secure) email. After the plants are pulled, packed and ready to ship, we send a separate PayPal Invoice for the shipping costs and we usually ship by USPS Express Mail International. All international orders must be paid through PayPal. Due to the extra time and effort required, we have a minimum order requirement of $350.00 in plants on international orders.

For international orders we also require that plant availability be verified by email prior to actually ordering.

You may also email us (nursery@karacactus.com) or phone us (503.913.7123) if you have any questions or feedback.
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