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In 1811, William John Burchell was on a botanical expedition in South Africa when he went to pick up an interesting stone and found it was a plant. The name comes from the Greek - lithos (stones) and ops (like); thus the common name - "Living Stones." A brief photo essay of the growth cycle of Lithops is presented here. An asterisk * indicates a name no longer accepted in Lithops - Flowering Stones, 2005, by Desmond & Naureen Cole. Please note that this list is now for reference only, as we are not currently selling any Lithops. Check out the home page for more information. The Plant name may provide a link to a photo.
Genus & Species Description Price
Lithops aucampiae   $4.00
Lithops aucampiae (kurumon form)
A localized form of L. aucampiae. Very limited supply.
Lithops aucampiae subsp. euniceae var. fluminalis ex C54   $4.00
Lithops aucampiae var koelmanii   $4.00
Lithops bromfieldii   $4.00
Lithops bromfieldii var. mennellii C44
Yellow flowers.
Lithops bromfieldii var. insularis   $4.00
Lithops dorotheae
Yellow flowers. Boldly marked and distinctive, L. dorotheae is always highly desireable. Temporarily out of stock.
Lithops fulviceps ex. C266 Very limited stock of very nice plants. $4.50
Lithops fulviceps 'Aurea'
White flowers, greenish to yellowish face.
Lithops hallii   $4.00
Lithops helmuthii
Flowers are yellow with white centers.
Lithops hookeri var. dabneri Yellow flowers. $4.50
Lithops hookeri ssp. marginata Yellow flowers. Bright, wrinkled faces. $4.00
Lithops hookeri var. subfenestrata ex. C19
Yellow flowers. (= brunneoviolacea*) Limited stock, doubles only.
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