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Watching Lithops grow during what appears to be a resting season is one of the fascinating parts of growing these plants. The following images show some of the stages of this growth as the new leaves push their way up, at the same time making use of the moisture supplied by the old leaves. During this winter growing period, little or no water is required. (Ours receive no water during this period.) The final image shows only the dried husks of the old leaves when the new leaves have fully emerged. At this time, and only at this time, the old leaves may be removed for aesthetic reasons if they readily come free with a slight pull. During the summer, the plants may go dormant if the temps get extremely hot, in which case they won't need water. But no matter what, never water the plants until the soil is totally dry! Finally it all depends on getting to know your plants and your particular growing environment. Enjoy.
Lithops growing 01Lithops growing 02Lithops growing 03Lithops growing 04Lithops growing 05Lithops growing 06
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