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To order by mail, simply print out this order form, fill it out, and mail. We still recommend you check for availability by email. Use an extra sheet if needed.

Order Form
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Date: __________________
Please ship the order to the following address:
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Phone:______________________ Email:________________________
(If necessary, use back of order form for additional plants or information.)
A reminder: Through the mail, we accept check, money order, unless payment has been made via PayPal on the internet. (In the case of the latter, we will send a secure PayPal email invoice.)  Please note that this order form is for submission by regular mail only.

Plant Name




Shipping and Handling (Minimum $7.50 - See below.) —»
Optional Express Mail Charge (S&H + 20% of subtotal + $8.00)
Add Heat Pack (Winter option) $2.00
Small Order (under $20.00) surcharge ($5.00)

Substitutes? List here or on back:

Credit Slip   Refund
Ship via Express Mail
Permit Postal Carrier Release

Please include substitutes if possible. Otherwise, if we are out of a specific plant, we will provide a credit slip or refund, according to your preferences.

Shipping and Handling:
We ship all year and pack the plants to protect them from some cold, but we cannot guarantee that they won't be damaged from prolonged freezing temperatures. If you order during the winter months, take your weather conditions into consideration. We ship by USPS Priority Mail or USPS Express Mail; check the appropriate box above. Orders for less than $20.00 have a small order extra handling charge of $5.00). Shipping and handling charges for USPS Priority Mail are listed below. For USPS Express, in addition to the Shipping and Handling charge, add 20% plus $8.00 to the order. Postal Carrier Release allows the postal carrier to deliver a large parcel to your residence when they would not otherwise, or to deliver Express Mail without a signature.

Please Note: Specimen plants and plants which are heavier or larger than normal, may be charged extra according to weight and difficulty of shipping. You will be notified of any such extra charges at the time of ordering. Due to increasing Postal Service shipping rates, this may happen more often than in the past, but you will always know prior to shipping the order and have the opportunity to confirm your order or to cancel. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Orders of ten plants or less: $7.50.
  • Orders of 11 to 25 plants: $12.50
  • Orders of 26 or more plants: $15.00
  • Orders of 50 or more plants are charged actual shipping costs. Plants which are larger or heavier than normal may also incur additional charges.
  • Shipping surcharge for orders of less than $20.00 (in addition to the above charges): $5.00
Note: Priority Mail generally takes 3 to 4 days, while Express Mail arrives in 1 to 2 days.

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