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This is the catch-all section. It includes some real jewels so don't just pass over it. The plant name on the left (if underlined) provides a link to a photo. The ø symbol indicates approximate diameter and the ~ symbol indicates "aproximately". Otherwise the size refers to the size of the pot. (February 2015: This page has not yet been updated. Ask before ordering.)
Genus & Species Description Pot
Adenium obesum var. arabicum Very fat bodied plants of short stature, topped by narrow green leaves during the summer. These tend to branch early and become very chubby. Producing pink flowers with maturity, these make great bonsai subjects and are extremely cute. New, 10/27, 2011. 3"
Adromischus cristatus Synonyms: Cotyledon cristata, Adromischus poellnitzianus. The "Crinkle-Leaf Plant" has stems with bronze to red "hairs". Hardy to about 25°F [-4°F]. Very easy to grow. 4" $5.50
Adromischus maculatus "Calico Hearts" - 4" $5.50
Adromischus marianiae var. aveolatus Rough, bumpy-skinned, gray-green fat leaves. What more could you want??? (Previously listed as var. immaculatus) Back in stock 7/28/2011, but difficult to keep in stock. Very limited on all sizes. ~ 1" Ø »
~ 2" Ø »
2.5 - 4"
clumps »

Aeonium goochiae 'Ballerina' We received this plant some 40 years ago as Aeonium 'White Fringe' but it's now clear that the correct name is A. 'Ballerina'. A lovely, easy to grow cultivar. (Both sizes are branching.) 4"
Aeonium sedifolium A small growing Aeonium with very different look than most Aeoniums. A great "succulent bonsai". Soon.    
Aeonium 'Sunburst' crest Fantastic crests of a gorgeous plant, sporting green and white leaves with a red edge in bright light. 6 - 8"  
Aichryson tortuosum Nice little 'shrublets' of small pinwheels. One of the two shrub-forming Aichrysons.
Albuca namaquensis Syn. Ornithogalum namaquense. Individual plants. Small growing winter growers. Albucas should have a minimum temperature of 45° F. and should be kept fairly dry when dormant.   $6.00
Albuca species Small African bulbs with punk style hair from the Aurabies Hills, South Africa. Winter/early Spring blooming.
Albuca species from Dusseldorp, South Africa. Purchased from Phyllis Fleschig as tiny plants in 2005, these plants have nice sized green & white flowers with yellow tips on the center petals. Unique.

1 3/4"Ø
x Aloworthia 'Fantasy' Aloe bellatula x Haworthia species
Aloinopsis malherbei Nice clumps; spatula shaped leaves with white-beaded edges. Out of stock.    
Aloinopsis rubrolineata Temporarily out of stock.    
Aloinopsis schooneesii These have nicely formed caudices. Not your everyday caudex.Pretty little yellowish-orange flowers with darker mid-stripe. Winter flowering.
Alluaudia procera New, March 2011 12-24" $10.50
Anacampseros retusa ssp. lanuginosa Beautiful hairy wonders. Temporarily out of stock.    
Avonia namaquensis Syn. Anacampseros filamentosa ssp. namaquensis or Anacampseros namaquensis. These are miniature (tiny) growing 9 year old plants from our own seed. In our experience they're slow growing and slow to clump.   $6.50
Avonia recurvata subsp. buderiana (syn. Avonia buderiana) Small, branching, papery-white "shrubs". Limited stock .   $7.50
Avonia quinaria var. alstonii (syn. Anacampseros alstonii) from Southern Namibia. Plants with caudex. Flowers are large and either pink or white in color. Temporarily out of stock.    
Baynesia lophophora A monotypic genus, a part of the Apocynaceae family, this is a relatively recent discovery. Described in 2000 and from the northwestern corner of Namibia in the Baynes Mountains. Temporarily out of stock.
Bowiea volubilis These were seeded in 2004 and are a large marble sized. The seed is from plants from Johnson's Cactus Gardens many years ago. They tend to stay small but flower and set seed profusely.   $5.50
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