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The plant name on the left (if underlined) provides a link to a photo. The ø symbol indicates approximate diameter and the ~ symbol indicates "aproximately". Otherwise the size refers to the size of the pot. (This page was updated in April of 2015.)
Genus & Species Description
Pot Size
Ceraria fruticulosa The stems are red-brown and develop peeling bark and thick roots. These can be staged to make a great succulent bonsai. 4 yr. old
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10 year old
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Cheiridopsis candidissima Clumping, very succulent, greenish-white "V" shaped plants from outer space. (Well, no, not really. Just checking to see if you're actually reading all this!) clumps $9.50
Cotyledon ladismithensis variegate The variegated "Bears Claw" (syn.: Cotyledon tomentosa variegate) succulent is a relatively easy to grow plant, though a bit slow, making a great addition to a succulent dish garden. Yellow and green variegation.  Available late spring, early summer. 4" $6.50
Crassula capitella ssp. thyrisiflora Stacked olive-green leaves with white edges. Common name: Aanteel-poprosie. Who said common names are easier than the botanical names??? 3"
Crassula columella Another one of those "old-timey" plants. At least they seem that way to us since we've had one or two of these plants around for many, many years. Quite easy to grow if you remember not to over-water in the Summer when they're taking their rest. They're from the Winter rainfall area on the West Coast of South Africa, up to Namibia. And what's not to like with these columns of tightly packed, velvety leaves? 2"
Crassula 'Tom Thumb' Pretty little-leaved, white flowering crassula for bright cheery color during the winter. Tiny and profuse, sweet-scented flowers, winter blooming. Nicely branched plants.
Crassula volkensis
Delicate, small olive-green leaves with dark speckles on branched stalks.
3" clumps
4" clumps
X Cremnosedum 'Crocodile'
Back again, but in very limited supply. A hybrid of Cremnophila nutans and Sedum furfuraceum, the fat leaves have a "scaley" appearance, undoubtedly the reason for its cultivar name. Easy to grow. Provide a porous potting mix, protection from hard frosts and bright light with adequate air flow.
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Cynanchum marnierianum "Twiggy" - Yellow-green, bird cage flowers sprout on these well-rooted bumpy, knobby-stemmed plants. If you like wierd, you just have to have this plant! Great hanging basket plant. Later
Didierea trollii Limited quantities. Very spiny tems, sprinkled with narrow green leaves when growing ~9-11"

Dischidia bengalensis Light olive-green, propeller leaves with the unusual opposite leaf formation. This easy to grow plant from Southeast Asia produces small creamy clumps of flowers throughout the year. Easy to root. a set of
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Drimia haworthioides Winter growing with longish, narrow, fringed leaves. the above-ground bulb is scaled and a deep brown. Interesting and unusual. 2" $6.50
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