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Questions we sometimes get and the answers we give...

Do you ship plants to other countries?

Yes we do. A Phytosanitary Certificate is required for which we currently charge $31.00. Please understand, there are no exceptions to this! Some countries also have regulations which make it next to impossible to ship to those countries. We can't control this. If required, it's up to the customer to obtain any special documentation needed to import the plants (such as an import permit).

Please note that we do not export any plants which are listed with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). This means that we do not ship cacti beyond the United States, since almost all species of cacti are listed. However, most Haworthias, Echeverias, Lithops and many other succulents can be shipped.

Be assured, we have successfully shipped internationally on many occasions - to South Korea, Japan, France and Germany. We welcome your business.

Do you always ship your plants "bare root"?

Yes, our plants are almost always shipped bare root. This not only keeps the shipping weight down, but it also gives greater assurance that the plants you purchase arrive without unwanted critters hitching a ride (not that we have a lot of such critters in our greenhouses!!!).

Remember, these are succulent plants. Shipping them bare root in no way interferes with their growth. And we include instructions for planting and re-establishing your plants with all orders.

What if my plants don't arrive?

Our plants are shipped as soon as possible after receiving the order. Unless requested otherwise they are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (domestic) or USPS Express Mail (international), and we have never had a shipment get lost. Normally they arrive in two to four days (domestic).

As with almost all "mail order" nurseries, and since we have no control over the handling of the plants during shipment, our responsibility for the plants ends when they are shipped. However, in the rare case of a problem with a domestic shipment we will work with you to assure your satisfaction. Bottom line: you will be satisfied!

Can we be assured that the plants are free of injurious pests?

All reasonable precautions are taken to insure pest free plants. Plants are treated throughout the year to kill pests such as mealy bugs, scale and spider mites. A few succulent plants are susceptible to white flies, but relatively non-toxic methods are usually effective in keeping them in control. We also seek to keep the growing areas free of weeds which are often more attractive to these pests.

Our plants are also regularly inspected by our state agriculture inspector who has always given our nursery an excellent review.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the plants you receive. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply notify us and return the plants according to our instructions via USPS Priority Mail and packed in the same manner in which they were shipped. At your choice we will either refund your money - less the Shipping and Handling - or issue a credit voucher for a future purchase.

Since we are dealing in live plants, we can't warranty matters that are outside our control such as damage to the plants in transit. Such damage claims must be made to the carrier by the customer receiving the plants. And, obviously, we can't guarantee that plants will live under your control. However, even if this happens we will seek to assist you in determining what has happened and why.

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